Nina-Maria Schreiber

My name is Nina-Maria Schreiber but my second name is not necessarily important, this is why I simply miss it out sometimes. 


I am 30 years young and live at a lovely region called "Waldviertel" in the very north of Austria.


I love to travel the world! Meeting new people, get to know other cultures and feeling the vibes of amazing cities is very important to me. 


I´ve studied business economics in Austria and abroad and am now working as a communications strategist at a local company. 




Photography has become to one of my favourite hobbies, because of the oppurtunity to save and shelter my memories not only in my mind! It also gives me the opportunity to express my creativity by the way how things are visualised. 


It would give me a great pleasure, if my photography contributes to a contrary point of view.


Herewith, I want to show you how I see the world through my eyes!